Expanding The Vision Of Vertical Gardening

Expanding The Vision Of Vertical Gardening

Unlimited Possibilities

The Worlds First 3D Printed Garden Tower

From the kitchen counter to commercial greenhouses, an ideal solution for a wide array of edible and decorative plants!


Expandable, Modular

Designed by Larry Athey*, this is an expandable, modular system rather than a fixed size tower.  Now available in 8 colors!

Flexible Design

Each module can be rotated to reduce crowding and eliminate shadows ensuring  even, rapid, plant growth.

Any Growing System

Towers can be used either indoors or outside, with or without media, in hydroponic, bioponic, aeroponic and aquaponic systems.

Our Commitment To You

We use food grade, biodegradable materials manufactured in the U.S. to provide a safe, environmentally friendly, growing solution


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Please Note:  We are currently producing the tower modules, base, caps and water distributors.  Our towers can easily be placed into any existing system.

Just starting out?  You will need to provide a holding tank or container, nutrient supply (hydroponic, aquaponic, or bioponic), pump(s), and tower support.

Have questions?  Need Help?  – Contact us –  We are here to help you get growing!

* 3D tower design and production processes are the intellectual property of Larry Athey, CEO, Panhandle Ponics.
3D printing and distribution authorized under license.  For more information about licensing and/or 3D printing Click Here.